Previously an Auckland gal (don't judge) but now proudly living on the West Coast of NZ. I am pretty chill. I love most things outdoors - you'll find me on the snow in winter and at the beach or camping in the summer. I'm a full-time Paramedic and fill my days off here and there working with you lovers.

Modern Approach

Beth Hines


You're going to hear me say this time and time again, but I'm really not into posing. It's not something that comes naturally to me. What does come naturally is building relationships, creating connections and making an absolute fool of myself. We'll joke around and talk and move and you'll share kisses and giggles. I want my couples to have FUN. At the end of the day we're little specks on a giant rock hurtling through space and I'm here to capture the moments between you and your special person to treasure for the rest of this wild ride. I'll be hyping you up (I can't help it), chatting with your friends and family throughout the day, snapping pics when you don't even know I'm there and saying yes to a glass of champagne when cocktail hour comes around.

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